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BigFix 10 Remediate Documentation
Welcome to the BigFix Remediate documentation, where you can find information about how to install, maintain, and use BigFix Patch, Insights, and IVR to manage vulnerabilities.
Extended third-party Windows Application
With Updates for Windows Applications – extended content site, you can deploy updates to a many third-party applications.
Traditional BigFix Patch content focuses on a limited set of vendors with a specialty in operating system and security patching. The Updates for Windows Applications – extended content site, provides coverage for upgrades to a growing list of third-party applications. This expansion helps you fill gap in proactive patching processes.
Frequently asked questions
Learn the answers to frequently asked questions about updates for Windows applications - extended.
Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Content Pack (Add-on)
Remediate Guide in PDF
Following is a link to the BigFix Remediate user guide in PDF format: