BigFix applications

The BigFix solution comprises several application products that provide consolidated security and operations management, simplified and streamlined endpoint management, while increasing accuracy and productivity.

BigFix Lifecycle
Use this application to provide administrators with an agent-based tool that delivers accurate visibility into the state of endpoints and automatically remediates issues.

BigFix Lifecycle includes the following applications:

OS Deployment
Provides a consolidated, comprehensive solution to quickly deploy new workstations and servers throughout a network from a single, centralized location.
Power Management
Manages and monitors the power usage settings on the computers in your network. It also manages and applies the company conservation policies that you set with the use of dashboards, wizards, and web reports.
Remote Control
Remotely takes over and monitors workstations and servers in your deployment.
Server Automation
Automates provisioning workflows. You can automate a sequence of Fixlets, tasks, and baselines across different endpoints, such as servers or computers.
Software Distribution
Provides a consolidated, comprehensive solution to quickly deploy software throughout a network from a single, centralized location. It provides cost-effective operational control and visibility of your software delivery and installation process.

For more information about BigFix Lifecycle, see BigFix Lifecycle Help Center.

BigFix Patch
Use this application to provide an automated, simplified patching process to all distributed endpoints. It manages both operating system and software application patches.

For more information about BigFix Patch, see BigFix Patch Help Center.

BigFix Compliance
Use this application to protect endpoints, automate remediation, and assure regulators that you are meeting security compliance standards.

For more information about BigFix Compliance, see BigFix Compliance Help Center.

BigFix Inventory
Use this application to scan monitored computers to:
  • Identify which software is installed.
  • Match the signatures that are discovered by the scan against the software catalog.
  • Create reports.
  • Compare the results with the information about costs and entitlement that is provided in the contracts.

For more information about BigFix Inventory, see BigFix Inventory Help Center.

You can decide to add applications that belong to the BigFix solution later by buying extra licenses; they will automatically be available for use on the BigFix Console. You do not have to install any additional software or buy new hardware when you add applications that belong to the solution. Only Asset Discovery and Inventory require the installation of new components, but the installation is done by BigFix itself.

Note: Asset Discovery is a BigFix platform component that allows you to identify unmanaged assets in your network.

Many customers start with one application, such as Patch, and then expand the scope of their deployments, buying new licenses, as they start to appreciate the full capabilities of the product solution.

Consider that some capabilities are common to more than one application in the BigFix product solution. For example, as you can see in the picture, the capability to apply OS and software application patches is available in the Patch application, as well as in the Compliance and Lifecycle applications. You can buy any of these licenses to manage patches.

All these applications take advantage of the continuous evaluation on the agent and of the gathering process to acquire data from repositories and send to the targets.