Edit Computer Settings

The Edit Computer Settings dialog allows BigFix Console operators to change certain computer attributes on a single or specified set of computers, including locking, making the client a Relay, pointing to Relays, and creating custom settings.

Note: If you select multiple targets, then you select their settings, and modify the value of the password in some of their fields, for each target the product will manage the modification according to what is supported by the level of the Client.
Note: When you use the Edit Computer Settings dialog with workstations V9.5 or earlier versions, you must use only ASCII characters otherwise the Console might not display correctly non-ASCII characters.

This window displays the Edit Computer Settings tab under which there are five tabbed dialogs to target and customize the settings for a selected group of Clients.

There are five tabbed dialogs on this panel to target and customize the settings for a selected group of Clients:

  • Settings: Displays a group of controls to edit computer settings, such as the locked status, relays, and custom variables.
  • Target: Displays a filter/list of computers that can be edited, filtered, sorted, and grouped for specifically targeted settings.
  • Execution: As with other Actions, you can limit the activation of the settings to any schedule, keeping in mind that the Action might take some time to deploy. When applied, the settings remain until removed. You can also specify certain user interactions and add extra targeting based on the contents of retrieved properties.
  • Users: Allows you to specify whether or not you want a user to be logged on before activating the settings.
  • Messages: Allows you to issue a message to the BigFix Client before activating the settings.

When multiple computers are selected, this dialog is available by right-clicking and selecting Edit Computer Settings from the context menu (or select Edit Computer Settings from the Edit menu).