Fix pack download configuration

Configure the target AIX systems and the BigFix server to download filesets from the internet.

Before you deploy any updates using the internet download option, register the AIX Download Plug-in from the Manage Download Plug-ins dashboard. See Manage Download Plug-ins dashboard overview.

The download plug-in gathers a list of filesets that are included in the specified fix pack and downloads them one at a time. The download plug-in gathers the fix packs at run time.
Note: The download plug-in is not required when you deploy updates through NFS mount.

You can also use the AIX Download Cacher to download fix packs. To enable the AIX Download Cacher to download filesets, deploy the Run Download Cacher Tool - AIX task. For more information about the download cacher, see Using the AIX download cacher.

Downloading large files from the internet requires large amounts of available disk space on the /var partition, where the BES Data directory is located. To accommodate large files from the internet, deploy the following tasks:
AIX: Set Disk Space - BES Data Folder task (ID #57)
AIX sets partition sizes to a predetermined minimum that allows the unused disk space to be dynamically provisioned to various partitions as needed.
This task expands the partition that contains the BigFix client data directory to make enough room for a fix pack to be transferred and extracted.
AIX: Change BES Client Download Limits task (ID #59)
This task extends the default BigFix client limitation for file transfers of 2 GB to allow large file transfers.
AIX: Remove File Size Limit for Root User task (ID #60)
This task removes the default AIX limitation of 1 GB for the allowed file size.
Note: These configuration changes are unnecessary if you are installing over an NFS mount.