Change Communication Ports

BigFix Management Fixlet 2250 allows the communication ports for WebUI and Web Reports to be changed.

If either WebUI or Web Reports is enabled in your environment, you might want to change their communication port. As of BigFix release 9.2.5, Web Reports defaults to port 8080 while the default port for WebUI is 80 for HTTP and 443 for HTTPS. However, in previous versions of BigFix, Web Reports defaulted to port 80. If left unchanged, this might create a conflict during WebUI enablement. This issue is resolved during WebUI enablement as described in Enable the WebUI (Platform V9.2.6 – V9.5.2).

After the WebUI is enabled, the ports that are defined for WebUI and Web Reports can be changed using Fixlet 2250.

Image of Fixlet 2250: Change Ports.

Use Fixlet 2250 as needed in your deployment. Use the Fixlet description to enter the wanted port numbers. If Web Reports is not present on your primary root server, the option to change its ports is not provided. This Fixlet restarts the BesRootServer to apply port changes.