Set up the BES Server Plugin Service (Fixlet 708 in BES Support)

To enable the Full Disk Encryption feature, you must install the BES Server plug-in in BigFix. To install the BES Server plug-in, run the installation Fixlet and target the BigFix server.

About this task

Before enabling FDE feature, complete the following prerequisite steps as necessary:


  1. Ensure that the BES Server Plugin Service is installed on the BigFix server and is configured correctly.
    Note: The user must be a Master Operator to install the mdm-fde-plugin.
  2. After you install the BES Server Plugin Service on the server, enable encryption of the credentials for the BigFix REST API by running the Configure REST API credentials for BES Server Plugin Service task from Fixlets and Tasks node of the All Content domain.
    1. Click the Configure REST API credentials for BES Server Plugin Service Task. The user interface from which you must start the encryption enablement Task is displayed.
    2. Enter the user name and password for the master operator user that you created. This creates an encrypted password.
    3. Click Take Action and specify the server where you are installing the mdm-fde-plugin, which is the BigFix server.
      Note: The Configure REST API credentials for BES Server Plugin Service Task remains relevant after you run it. You can check the action history to confirm that it runs successfully.