Fixlet Maker dashboard overview

The Fixlet Maker dashboard provides an interface where you can create application update Fixlets by using templates.

The dashboard currently supports templates for the following applications:
  • Google Chrome (Enterprise Edition)
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • RealPlayer
  • WinZip
  • Winamp
Audit Fixlets for these applications are available to inform you when a new version of the application becomes available.
Note: You can create your own template to generate Fixlets in the Fixlet Maker dashboard. For more information, see the BigFix wiki and search for "Creating a Fixlet template".

You can access the Fixlet Maker dashboard from the Patch Management domain. Click All Patch Management > Dashboards > Fixlet Maker.

Figure 1. Fixlet Maker dashboard from the navigation tree

Fixlet Maker wizard from the navigation tree
The dashboard displays all the previously created Fixlets for each template.
Figure 2. Fixlet Maker dashboard

Fixlet Maker dashboard