Custom repositories management

You can set up your custom repositories to manage patches for Rocky Linux. This solution allows for multiple repositories on the entire deployment.

With the custom repository support, the Fixlets in the Rocky Linux native tools sites can use DNF to directly download packages from custom repositories instead of going through the package sources at and Bandwidth throttling is not supported in a custom repository architecture.

Using custom repositories can give you the flexibility to control what can be deployed to the endpoints in your deployment. For example, you can deploy custom software that you are hosting in your custom repositories, then use the Install packages by using DNF task from the Patching Support site to install software on the endpoints. For more information, see Installing packages from a custom repository.

Integrating your custom repository solution is made easy with the use of the Rocky Linux Custom Repository Management dashboard. However, the dashboard does not add physical repositories; you must do this action separately. To learn about creating repositories, see

Important: You must register the Rocky Linux download plug-in when using custom repositories to avoid download errors. The download plug-in can be registered through the Manage Download Plug-ins dashboard.