BigFix Patch for Raspbian provides Fixlets that you use to manage the latest updates and service packs that Raspberry Pi releases. These Fixlets are available through the Patches for Raspbian sites.

BigFix Patch for Raspbian keeps your Raspbian clients up-to-date with the latest updates and service packs. Patch management is available through the Patches for Raspbian sites. For each new security update that becomes available, BigFix releases a Fixlet that identifies and updates all the computers in your enterprise that require the particular update.

With a few keystrokes, the BigFix Console operator applies the patch to all the relevant computers and monitors its progress as it deploys the patch throughout the network. The BigFix agent checks the operating system version, processors, and the installed packages to determine when and why a patch is necessary.

By using Fixlets, you can manage large numbers of updates and patches with comparative ease, enabling automated, highly targeted deployment on any schedule that you want. Large downloads can be phased to optimize network bandwidth and the entire deployment process can be monitored, graphed, and recorded for inventory or audit control.