Upgrading the RHSM download plug-in

Use the Manage Download Plug-ins dashboard to upgrade the RHSM download plug-in to the latest version available.


  1. From the Patch Management domain, click All Patch Management > Dashboards > Manage Download Plug-ins dashboard.
  2. From the Servers and Relays table, select the server or relay on which the download plug-in is to be upgraded.
  3. From the Plug-ins table, select RHSM Plug-in.
  4. Click Upgrade.
    The Take Action dialog displays.
  5. Select the target computer.
  6. Click OK.
    Note: It is mandatory to re-configure the Download Plug-ins.
    Note: The latest versions of Download Plug-ins are enhanced to strengthen the security of storing Proxy Password and Vendor Password.


You now have the latest version of the RHSM download plug-in installed.