Frequently asked questions

Learn from these questions and answers that are designed to help you better understand BigFix Patch for HP-UX.

The Manage Download Plug-ins dashboard is not reflecting any data. What do I do?
Here are some steps you can do to troubleshoot the issue:
  • Gather the latest Patching Support site.
  • Activate the Download Plug-in Versions analysis, available from the Patching Support site.
  • Clear the BigFix console cache.
What are superseded patches?
Superseded Fixlets are Fixlets that contain outdated packages. If a Fixlet® is superseded, then there exists a newer Fixlet® with newer versions of the packages. The newer Fixlet® ID can be found in the description of the superseded Fixlet®.
How do I verify if the download plug-in was registered correctly?
Run a Fixlet with an action task to verify if the download plug-in is registered correctly. Verify that the patch download is successful. Otherwise, you might need to unregister the download plug-in and register it again.
How do I register a download plug-in? Do I use the register download plug-in task or the Manage Download Plug-in dashboard?
To register a download plug-in, you must use the Manage Download Plug-in dashboard in the Patching Support site. Existing register download plug-in tasks are being deprecated. To learn more about plug-in registration, see Registering the HP-UX download plug-in.
Note: You must also use the Manage Download Plug-in dashboard to unregister, configure, and upgrade download plug-ins. The existing unregister and edit download plug-in tasks are being deprecated. For more information about the dashboard, see the topic on Manage Download Plug-ins dashboard.
I was expecting the password to be obfuscated, but it's still in clear text. Why is that?
Check if your download plug-in version is earlier than 2.0. If so, you are still using an old version of the download plug-in that stores credentials in clear text. To encrypt credentials, upgrade your download plug-in to version 2.0 or later from the Manage Download plug-ins dashboard in the Patching Support site.