Enabling the ESU patch functionality

Before you can start using the ESU patch add-on, you should first enable it.


  1. Navigate to the BigFix License Key Center and add the ESU add-on license to a server.
    1. Log in to BigFix License Key Center with your credentials.
    2. Click the serial number of your server.

      On the Manage Serial Number page, the BigFix ESU Patch add-on products become available for allocation.

    3. Allocate one unit of the ESU patch product(s) to the server and click Submit.

  2. Check for license updates.
    1. Log in to the BigFix Console.
    2. Go to Dashboards > BES Support > License Overview.
    3. Check if the BES Platform section notifies of any site certificate updates. If it does not, click Check for license update.

  3. Update the masthead by using the BES Administration Tool.
    1. On the root server, go to Start > Programs > HCL BigFix > HCL BigFix Administration Tool.
    2. Enter the private key password for your deployment and click OK.

      The BESAdmin updates the masthead of your deployment.

    3. Click OK.
  4. Enable the ESU patch sites.
    1. Go back to the License Overview dashboard.
    2. Click Refresh.

      The ESU site(s) that you purchased are listed.

    3. Click Enable to enable the any ESU patch site.
  5. Subscribe your endpoints to the ESU sites.
    Set each ESU site’s subscription Relevance to the correct OS and then save changes.

    1. Set the subscription relevance for each ESU site against an operating system as appropriate.
    2. Click Save Changes.