Undo a YUM transaction

Use the YUM Transaction History dashboard to revert to a single, specific transaction.

Before you begin

Ensure you meet the following requirements:
  • Use YUM version 3.2.28 and later.
    Note: In the dashboard, if the YUM version of a selected endpoint is earlier than version 3.2.29-22, a warning sign next to the YUM version will indicate that the version does not support the rollback action. The Undo button is disabled for all transactions if the version is not supported.
  • Subscribe to the Patching Support site.
  • Activate the YUM Transaction History analysis.
Note: Active kernel cannot be rolled back for a kernel update.


  1. From the BigFix console, go to External Sites > Patching Support > Dashboards > YUM Transaction History.
  2. Select the endpoint whose YUM history you want to view.
  3. Select the transaction whose rollback that you want to undo.
  4. Click Undo.
  5. In the Undo Transaction window, click Apply.
  6. From the Take Action window, select the computer and click OK to run the action.