Please refer to Supersedence for Non-Windows to learn more about the concept of supersedence.

Patches for CentOS 8 site only supports BaseOS and AppStream repositories, For more information see Supported CentOS Repositories.

CentOS 8 repositories metadata now contains information related to latest available packages only, hence all our superseded fixlets are expected to fail with an error No matching Package found.

Once the fixlet is superseded, the fixlet is made non-relevant by default.

Client setting value of setting "_BESClient_CentOS_EnableSupersededEval" of client is removed for superseded fixlets and relevance for superseded fixlets will be set to false<Relevance>False</Relevance>. You need to deploy only the latest available patches.

In order to deploy superseded fixlet using custom site, the relevant repository metadata and packages must be precedingly cached.

Note: Best practice is to sync all the Baselines before proceeding with installation because having superseded fixlets in the Baseline would lead to errors and installation failures. Only latest available packages can be deployed with the baseline.