Data: Result list

The Result List shows lists of URLs, parameters, and scripts that were discovered during the Explore stage, for the selected node in the Application tree. The table below lists the categories of data.

Data type



URLs that AppScan accessed.


Scripts and their associated parameters that AppScan discovered.


Cookies that AppScan discovered.


Non-standard headers discovered by AppScan, that will be tested during the scan. There can be more than one non-standard header in a single request; each one is listed separately.


All pages explored by AppScan.

Failed Requests

Links that did not respond to requests.

Filtered URLs

URLs that were not explored, either because of default AppScan settings or because of your defined Explore Filters (see Exclude Paths and Files view).

User Interaction Needed

URLs that require user input which AppScan could not provide automatically. To learn how to define form parameter input, see Login tab.


Comments on your web pages that are accessible to users.


JavaScripts that AppScan discovered.

In the Result list:
  • Mouse-over each data category (Requests, Parameters, and so on) to see the number of items in that category (for the selected node in the application tree).
  • Click on a category to display the items in that category (in the Result list)
  • Click on an item in the Result list to display its details in the Detail Pane

The Result List and the Detail Pane for each data type are described in the following sections.