Command structure

AppScan® CLI commands consist of three parts:

  1. The utility command: AppScanCMD
  2. The specific command to be executed, for example: exec
  3. The required option for the selected command, for example:

    /base_scan <full path>/d <full path>

In the above example, the full command is:

AppScanCMD exec /base_scan <full path> /d <full path>

(This command will run a new scan using the configuration of the selected base scan, and save the results in the specified location.)

Note: Commands can be entered with no prefix (e.g. exec), or with a minus sign (e.g. -exec), or with a forward slash (e.g. /exec). For simplicity, examples in this section will all be given without any prefix.
Note: Command options must be prefixed by either a minus sign (e.g. -base_scan) or a forward slash (e.g. /base_scan). For simplicity, the examples following will all be prefixed with a forward slash.