AppScan Enterprise

This section describes ways AppScan Standard and Enterprise editions can interact.

AppScan Enterprise edition provides centralized scanning and user-access controls, remediation capabilities, executive dashboards, compliance reporting and seamless integration with AppScan Standard. If your organization uses AppScan Enterprise, you can:

  • Import AppScan Enterprise user permissions to use in addition to those allowed by the local AppScan Standard license.
  • Export ("Publish") AppScan Standard scan results to work with in AppScan® Enterprise.
  • Create an AppScan Enterprise job.
  • Create an AppScan Enterprise template.
Note: AppScan must have access to your AppScan Enterprise server instance: https://[AppScan Enterprise Server]:[Server port]. If a proxy is defined in Windows, AppScan will use it when accessing the instance, and if the proxy requires authentication, a pop-up will appear and you will need to supply valid credentials.