Welcome screen

Describes the options available from the Welcome Screen that opens when you load AppScan.

The Welcome Screen opens on startup and from the View menu, and streamlines the scan setup process.
the Welcome screen
Table 1. Welcome screen tabs
Tab Function
AppScan Connect Maintain a connection with AppScan on Cloud and AppScan Enterprise to run scans or upload a scan template or scan results. Connections remain between sessions, even if you closed and reopened AppScan.
  • AppScan on Cloud: Connect to AppScan on Cloud with your Key ID and Key Secret.
  • AppScan Enterprise: Choose
    • Log in with Username and Password, or
    • Log in with client-side certificate or smart card
New Opens the Scan Configuration Wizard for the type of scan you want. Also lets you load saved Recent Scan Templates and Recent Scans. Options are:
  • Scan web application: Configure AppScan to automatically explore and test your application.
  • Scan web service: Use a browser or web service tool to explore your web service manually, then have AppScan automatically test it based on the Explore data.
    Note: This wizard is the recommended method for scanning a web service, however you can also use the Web Services Wizard extension that utilizes JSON or YAML description files.
  • Incremental scan: Save time by utilizing the results of an earlier scan, and testing either
    • New parts of the application and also retesting for issues previously found (default), or
    • Only new parts of the application
Open Browse to, and open, your saved scans and scan templates.
If you are connected with AppScan Connect, you can open AppScan Enterprise (ASE) scans and templates, and AppScan on Cloud (ASoC) scans, to edit or use in AppScan Standard. Note that when you do this the SCAN or SCANT file is downloaded to the AppScan Standard machine, and changes you make will not be made to the source scan file in the original application. The following limitations apply:
  • AppScan Enterprise scans must be from version ASE or later
  • ASoC scans more than 60 days old do not appear, as they are deleted in ASoC itself
  • Scans created using the ASoC Free Trial are not listed here and cannot be downloaded
What's New Describes the new features in this version.
Getting Started Accesses training videos to help new users get started.