Uploading to AppScan on Cloud

You can upload an AppScan Standard scan or template file (SCAN or SCANT) to Application Security on Cloud to run a new scan on the cloud.


  1. Open the scan or template you want to upload.
  2. Click File > Export > Upload Scan to Application Security on Cloud.
  3. Log in with your Key ID and Key Secret.
  4. Click Select Application, select an existing application from the list, and then click Select.

    The Run Scan dialog box opens.

  5. Scan Settings area: You can optionally change the scan name, and select the check box to be notified when the scan is complete.
  6. Private Site Scan area: Only if your site is not available on the Interne, select the check box and then select your AppScan Presence from the list.
  7. Test Options area: Select one of the two radio buttons:
    Test Only
    Test the parts of the site that were already explored in AppScan Standard. Use this option if you want to test only the Multi-Step Operations or Manual Explore that you recorded in AppScan Standard. A Test stage is run on the existing Explore data in the file you upload.
    Full Scan
    Continue the Explore stage (adds data to any existing Explore data saved in the file), and then runs a Test stage. Note that if the uploaded file contains any Explore data that data is used and added to; to ignore it you must select Test Only.
  8. Click Upload and Run.

    A notice confirms that the upload is completed successfully. The scan should start immediately, but scan status can be seen only from AppScan on Cloud.