Action-based login troubleshooting

Use these steps to troubleshoot action-based login.


  1. In Login Management > Details > Actions, verify that the username (uid) and password (passw) are correct (double-click on the password value to see the value entered), and correct it manually if needed
  2. Click the action-based player button to play the sequence in the player. This may help you see where the sequence fails.
    Note: If one of the login pages is very slow, it may be more practical to use request-based login as many logins are typically required during a scan.
  3. Click the Record button and record the sequence again, but this time:
    1. Type the username and password in a text editor and copy-and-paste them into the web page
    2. Instead of clicking the Submit button on your site, click Enter on your keyboard

    If none of these steps solve the problem, try using the request-based sequence.