Repeaters and fields

Within each repeater (loop) there must be one or more plain fields, that will be the data input to the loop. (For example, within the Variant loop you could put the VariantDifference field, which will show the difference between the variant and the original for each variant in the loop.) By default, the Index field is added within each repeater, but you can delete it, or add additional fields (as in the tutorial).

Repeaters and Fields Example:

<<AS:IssueTypeRepeaterStart>>       [Start looping through issue types]

  <<AS:IssueTypeRepeaterIndex>>     [For each type list index (e.g. 3/24) and name]

  <<AS:IssueRepeaterStart>>         [Start looping through individual issues]

    <<AS:IssueRepeaterIndex>>       [For each issue list index (e.g. 3/24)]

    <<AS:VariantID>>                [For each issue list ID and variants]

  <<AS:IssueRepeaterEnd>>           [End issue repeater]

<<AS:IssueTypeRepeaterEnd>>         [End issue type repeater]