HCL License

This section deals with licenses issued by HCL.

The AppScan installation includes a default license that allows you to scan the custom designed AppScan testing website (demo.testfire.net), but no other sites. In order to scan your own site you must install a valid license. Until this is done AppScan will load and save scans and scan templates, but it will not run new scans on your site. There are two types of HCL license:
"Floating" licenses (cloud or local license server)
Floating licenses are installed onto a Cloud License Server or a Local License Server (which can be the same as the machine on which AppScan runs). Any server on which AppScan is used must have a network connection with this server. Each time a user opens AppScan a licence is checked out, and when AppScan is closed the license is checked back in.
"Node-locked" licenses (local license server)
A node-locked license is a single license that is assigned to a single machine.
Note: The Expiration date on AppScan licenses follows UTC date and time.
Note: You can explore and scan the AppScan Demo website without a license, as described in the Tutorial.