Comparing two assessments using the AppScanDelta utility

AppScanDelta performs a diff between two scan assessments. This utility fetches the new findings or the resolved findings by comparing the scan assessment with the baseline assessment.



appscandelta.bat -new|-resolved <baseline_asmt_path> <new_asmt_path> [-to <delta_asmt_path>] [-no_retain] [-verbose]
Linux: -new|-resolved <baseline_asmt_path> <new_asmt_path> [-to <delta_asmt_path>] [-no_retain] [-verbose]
Note: Linux commands are case-sensitive.
Table 1. Parameters
Parameter Descriptions
-new Fetches new findings
-resolved Fetches resolved findings
<baseline_asmt_path> Baseline assessment file to compare
<new_asmt_path> Assessment file to compare with baseline assessment.
[-to <delta_asmt_path>] Optional. Specifies the output file or folder path. If not specified, the output file shall be created in the current directory by appending "_new" or "_resolved", followed by timestamp.
[-no_retain] Optional. Does not create delta assessment file, if there are 0 findings. By default, the file shall be created.
[-verbose] Optional. Produces the comparison metrics in the console. By default, does not produce the metrics.


<install_dir\bin>> appscanelta.bat -new C:\asmt\angular_baseline.ozasmt C:\asmt\angular.ozasmt -to C:\asmt\angular_delta
<install_dir\bin>> -resolved C:\asmt\angular_baseline.ozasmt C:\asmt\angular.ozasmt -verbose


AppScanDelta writes the results to an .ozasmt file that is specified in command response.
<install_dir\bin>> AppScanDelta.bat -new C:\asmt\angular_baseline.ozasmt C:\asmt\angular.ozasmt
Command execution completed successfully.
Delta assessment file created at '<data_dir>\bin\angular_new_20200603100537.ozasmt'.

<install_dir\bin>> AppScanDelta.bat -resolved C:\asmt\angular_baseline.ozasmt C:\asmt\angular.ozasmt -verbose
Baseline: C:\asmt\angular_baseline.ozasmt
        Total Findings: 22,619
        High: 22,439
        Medium: 164
        Low: 12
        Info: 4
        Excluded: 0
New Scan: C:\asmt\angular.ozasmt
        Total Findings: 824
        High: 506
        Medium: 302
        Low: 12
        Info: 4
        Excluded: 0
Delta (resolved): <install_dir\bin>\angular_resolved_20200603100625.ozasmt
        Total Findings: 22,076
        High: 22,025
        Medium: 48
        Low: 3
        Info: 0


Command execution completed successfully.
Delta assessment file created at '<install_dir\bin>\angular_resolved_20200603100625.ozasmt'.