Installing AppScan® Source for Development

The AppScan® Source for Development plug-ins are installed to your computer via the standard AppScan® Source installation wizard.

If you are upgrading the AppScan® Source product to a new product version and want to apply the upgrade to the AppScan® Source for Development Eclipse plug-ins, you must first uninstall the plug-ins from your Eclipse or Eclipse-based product. After you have upgraded AppScan® Source, you can then install the updated plug-ins back to Eclipse or supported Eclipse-based products. Instructions for this are located in Upgrading previously-installed versions of the AppScan Source for Development Eclipse plug-in to a new product version.

If you are upgrading the AppScan® Source product as part of a fix pack upgrade, you do not need to uninstall the plug-ins before upgrading. Instructions for installing fix packs (and applying upgraded AppScan® Source for Development plug-ins) can be found in Fix pack installation.