General preferences

General preferences allow you to tailor some of the AppScan® Source for Development default settings to fit your personal preferences.

To open the preference pages, select Window > Preferences from the main menu. You can browse the preferences by looking through all titles in the left pane or search a smaller set of titles by using the filter field at the top of the left pane. The results returned by the filter match both preference page titles and keywords such as Security or JSP.

The arrow controls in the upper-right of the right pane enable you to navigate through previously viewed pages. To return to a page after viewing several pages, click the down arrow to display a list of your recently viewed preference pages.

Use AppScan® Enterprise Server

AppScan® Source for Development only requires an AppScan® Enterprise Server if you want to access shared items such as filters, scan configurations, and custom rules. When the Use AppScan Enterprise Server check box is selected, AppScan® Source for Development will run in server mode. When it is deselected, AppScan® Source for Development will run in local mode (see AppScan Source for Development server mode and local mode for more information).

After you select or deselect the Use AppScan Enterprise Server check box and click OK, you will be prompted to restart Eclipse. If you choose Restart Now, you will be prompted to save any unsaved work and then Eclipse will restart automatically. If you choose Restart Later, you must manually restart Eclipse for the setting to take effect.

Optimize for High Network Latency

Cache more information on the client to minimize server calls.

Logging Level

Change the logging level to provide the level of information that you want to the error logs. Errors, the default setting, logs errors only. Warning logs errors and warnings. Informational logs informational findings, errors, and warnings.

File Encoding

The character encoding of files in your project must be set so that AppScan® Source can read the files properly (and, for example, display them correctly in the source view). Select the default character encoding in this section.

Create a marker for each finding

When selected, if you have an open assessment, source from the scan that is opened in the editor will include markers at locations for which there are findings.

By default, marker creation is enabled.

Creating markers can slow down a scan. If your project includes a many source files - or source files that are large - performance may be improved if marker creation is turned off.

After a scan finishes

The default setting is to receive a prompt asking if you want to switch to the Security Analysis perspective. If you do not want to the see the prompt, choose Always switch to Security Analysis perspective or Never switch.