Small workgroup deployment

The small workgroup deployment best fits a small to moderate size team that does not have many IT Compliance Guidelines related to application deployment.

With this model, AppScan® Source server components reside on a dedicated computer, likely on the same subnet as computers running the AppScan® Source client components. The expectation is that a local AppScan® Source administrator manages AppScan® Source user accounts and that no integration exists with a corporate LDAP Directory Server. In addition, the assumption is that a source control management client on the computer provides access to source code or a copy of the source also exists on the computer.

This model enables team collaboration with a minimal amount of deployment overhead and administration. It is important to understand that this deployment model includes:

  • Security analysts and developers connect to the AppScan® Enterprise Server
  • Auditors/managers connect to the Enterprise Console component of AppScan® Enterprise Server through a web browser
  • AppScan® Source server components run on a dedicated computer with access to source code

An installation for a small workgroup deployment consists of the client and server components that are necessary to run AppScan® Source components on multiple computers on a network.

Server Components

  • AppScan® Source for Automation

Client Components

  • AppScan® Source for Analysis
  • AppScan® Source Command Line Interface
  • AppScan® Source for Development for Visual Studio 2019
  • AppScan® Source for Development for Eclipse, MobileFirst (not selected by default)