Pattern rule sets

A pattern rule set is a collection of pattern rules. You can add new pattern rule sets or you can modify or remove existing ones. AppScan® Source provides a series of language-specific pattern rule sets that you can choose to apply to your projects or applications (for example, you may want to apply the Java pattern rule set to your Java/JSP projects).

The Pattern Rule Library view allows you to create new pattern rules and rule sets - and modify or remove existing ones. You then use the Properties view for a selected application, the Properties view for a selected project, or scan configurations to apply the pattern rules and rule sets (you can also launch the dialog box that allows you to create a new rule from these views). To learn more about applying rules and rule sets, see Applying pattern rules and rule sets.

Some of the pattern rule sets that are shipped with AppScan® Source contain no rules. You can add rules that are appropriate for your organization to these rule sets. These rule sets include:

  • ColdFusion
  • JQuery
  • Client Side JavaScript
  • Visual Basic 6
  • MooTools
Tip: In the Pattern Rule Library view, right-click a rule set and select Properties to open a dialog box that displays information about the rule set. The Rule Set Properties dialog box provides information such as the number of rules in the pattern rule set and parent/child relationships with other rule sets. It also allows you to modify the Display Name and Project types of the rule set.
Note: You must have Manage Patterns permission to be able to create pattern rules or rule sets - or to modify and remove custom rules and rule sets.