Registering applications and projects for publishing to AppScan® Source

Important: This topic applies only if you have upgraded to AppScan® Source version 10.0.2 or higher from a 10.0.1 or earlier version of the product. New installations of AppScan® Source version 10.0.2 do not have this functionality; all user administration of new AppScan® Source installations occurs in AppScan® Enterprise.

Registering applications/projects and publishing assessments results, enables the sharing of critical security data across the team (assessments are published to the AppScan® Source Database). Users with the appropriate privileges and permissions can access these assessment results through AppScan® Source for Analysis. In some deployments, registering applications and projects, as well as publishing assessment results, is an administrative task. In other deployments, these are Project Lead/Security Analyst tasks. It is recommended that you limit permissions to only those who need to perform these tasks.