Importing the example project into Eclipse or Rational® Application Developer for WebSphere® Software (RAD)


  1. Start Eclipse.
  2. Create a new workspace for your handler project.

    Workspace Launcher dialog box with a workspace selected in the Workspace field
  3. Select File > Import from the main workbench menu.

    File menu with Import selected
  4. In the Import wizard Select page, select Existing Projects Into Workspace and then click Next.

    Existing Projects Into Workspace selected in the Import wizard Select page
  5. Select the Select archive file radio button and then click Browse. In the Select archive containing the projects to import dialog box, locate <data_dir>\samples\ (where <data_dir> is the location of your AppScan® Source program data, as described in Installation and user data file locations) and then click Open.

    This zip file is an Eclipse archive that contains the configuration and source code for the Ejb2xHandler framework handler example.

    Click Finish to import the archive.

    Import wizard Import Projects page with an archive file specified
  6. After the archive has been imported, you will notice a number of build errors. The example has a class path variable that points to the directory holding its libraries.

    Java build path problems in the Markers view
  7. Next, you will define a variable. Select Window > Preferences from the main workbench menu.

    Window menu with Preferences selected
  8. In the Preferences dialog box, select Java > Build Path > Classpath Variables to open the Classpath Variables preference page. Click New.

    Classpath Variables preference page
  9. Create a new variable named APPSCANSRCWALALIB_HOME and set the Path to <install_dir>\walalib (where <install_dir> is the location of your AppScan® Source installation).

    New Variable Entry dialog box with completed Name and Path fields

    After clicking OK in all dialog boxes, the sample should build completely with no errors.