Specifying exclusions

Findings can be marked as exclusions from a findings table or the Properties view. Exclusions may consist of individual findings, filters, or bundles. Typically, exclusions created from a findings table take effect immediately. Exclusions created in the Properties view require an additional scan to take effect.

An exclusion applies to the application immediately during these procedures:

  • Select one or more findings, right-click the selection, and then choose Exclude Findings from the menu.
  • Add one or more findings to a currently-excluded bundle, including the Excluded Bundle.
  • Delete one or more findings from a previously excluded bundle, including the Excluded Bundle.
  • Delete an excluded bundle.

An exclusion does not apply to the application immediately when you:

  • Add a bundle as an exclusion.
  • Add a filter as an exclusion.
  • Modify a finding to make it match an excluded filter's criteria.
  • Modify a finding so it no longer matches an excluded filter's criteria.