Viewing findings in bundles

When you add findings to a bundle, the findings appear as a row in the bundle. If you open the bundle, you see all findings that the bundle contains.

About this task

Findings from multiple projects in bundles may appear differently. A finding in a bundle appears green and italicized when not found in the most recent scan.

Consider the following example of Application X.


  1. Application X contains Project A and Project B.
  2. Scan Application X.
  3. Create a bundle that contains findings from Project A and Project B.
  4. Scan Project B. In the Bundles view, findings from Project B appear and findings from Project A appear in green and italics.


A finding highlighted in green and italics is a fixed/missing finding. A fixed/missing finding is a finding in a bundle but not in the current assessment. A finding is identified as fixed/missing because it was resolved, removed, or the source file was not scanned. In the Bundles view, the Excluded column identifies if the bundle is excluded.