Using Ounce/Maven

The Ounce/Maven plug-in allows you to use Ounce/Maven to create AppScan® Source projects and applications, scan the applications, publish the resulting assessments, and generate AppScan® Source reports. Specify the Ounce/Maven goals and parameters as you would for any other Maven plug-in.

You can call Ounce/Maven commands in two ways:

  • Using a Maven pom (build) file: The pom file allows you to create AppScan® Source application and project files as part of your build. After installing Ounce/Maven, you can modify a Maven pom file to specify the ounce:application and ounce:project-only goals as needed for your AppScan® Source tasks.
  • From the command line: Invoke the ounce:project, ounce:scan, and ounce:report goals from the command line to create AppScan® Source project files (or override project file parameters from the pom file), start AppScan® Source scans, publish assessments, and generate AppScan® Source reports.

Each of the Ounce/Maven goals includes a number of parameters. For information about Ounce/Maven goals, see Ounce/Maven goals.