Loading the AppScan Source Docker image

In this scenario, the AppScan® Source command line interface (CLI) Docker image is downloaded and loaded into your Linux environment.

Containerized applications, including AppScan® Source, allow greater flexibility and efficiency. Once installed and configured, a testing environment can be created on-demand, and quickly, and scans can be run concurrently.

Note: Docker must be installed, and the daemon started and running with the current user added to the docker group.
To download and load the Docker image to your environment:
  1. Download hcl_appscan_source_cli_10.0.8.x.tar.gz from the FlexNet Operations portal or HCL Harbor.
  2. Load the Docker image:

    docker load –i hcl_appscan_source_cli_10.0.8.x.tar.gz

  3. Verify that the Docker image is loaded and available:

    docker images

    An image with the name hcl/appscan/source/cli:10.0.8.x should be listed.