Hover help

Hover help is a form of context-sensitive help that displays in a small pop-up window when the mouse pointer is over an element of the interface. A brief description of the interface element is displayed in the pop-up window.

In addition to providing hover help for buttons and icons, AppScan® Source for Analysis offers hover help in a variety of places, such as:

  • In the Explorer view, hover help is available to indicate the file name and path of applications, projects, and files. Hover help also indicates if an application or project is registered.
  • In the Trace view, hovering over trace nodes in the graph provides information about the node.
  • In the Filter Editor view Trace section, hovering over a trace entry provides details about it.
  • In the Scan Configuration view Advanced Settings section, hover help is available for each setting.
  • Hovering over a graph bar in the Assessment Summary view provides the exact number of findings represented by the bar.
  • In the workbench status bar (located along the bottom of the workbench), hovering over the user icon launches hover help that identifies the logged on user. Hovering over the server icon launches hover help that indicates the Enterprise Server that AppScan® Source for Analysis is connect to.