Uploading Manual Explore data

This REST service will upload the manual explore data that is stored in an *.htd / *.har / *.dast.config file to AppScan® Enterprise. The size of the traffic file should not exceed 20 MB. If you exceed this limit, split the file into smaller chunks by recording smaller sequences. To use the files in *.har or *.dast.config file formats, an additional parameter format is to be passed into the request. Examples are provided below.

HTTP method



Service format


Query string parameters


Deletes all Manual Explore URLs and domains (the domains that are not added by a user, and that are not used in starting URLs).


Deletes all Manual Explore URLs and domains, and then uses the post data to add the new URLs and domains.

/services/folderitems/<fiid./httptrafficdata?includeformfills=true or /services/folderitems/<fiid./httptrafficdata?includeformfills=1

Processes and stores the auto form fill fields from the uploaded *.htd file.


Provides data stored in the *.har file to the REST APIs.


Provides data stored in the *.dast file to the REST APIs.

POST data

Content-Type: application/octet-stream

Contents of the file

Note: Specify the POST data if the query parameter "delete=1" is not provided.


A successful upload status or an error message. Possible causes of error messages include:
  • Invalid *.htd file
  • File size is larger than 20 MB
  • User is unauthorized
  • Job id is invalid

Refer to documented schema for more details.