Creating attributes with formulas

Create and edit attributes that contain formulas to calculate the risk ratings for applications or to display issue information in application summaries. Delete formula attributes that are no longer relevant.

Note: User role: Product Administrator

Before you begin

Ensure you understand the following concepts:


  1. On the Portfolio tab of the Monitor view, click Edit Application Profile Template.
  2. In the Edit Application Profile Attributes window, add an attribute and give it a name.
  3. Select the formula Type and click Edit.
  4. Create a formula, by using the choices for operators, functions, filters, and values.
  5. Click Ranges to define a formula range that determines the text value that displays in the application grid. For example, the Business Impact attribute has a numeric value of 4 set for the "Critical" option. You can edit the Business Impact formula to display either "Critical" or "4".
  6. Click Apply to validate the formula and save it.
  7. Click Apply to save the application profile.