Defining custom user types

A user type is a set of permissions that are applied to a user so that they can perform certain administrative tasks. Before creating user accounts, you must create custom user types if you want to assign limited administrative tasks to Standard Users without making them full Product Administrators.

About this task

User role: Product administrator

  1. As an organizational security measure, users that are assigned limited administrative permissions see a streamlined view of the Administration tab and will only be able to access the administrative pages they are permitted to use. For example, Rob's user type is set to Inherit Access and he belongs to two groups: the Developers group has a custom user type of Server Group Administrator, and the Business group has a custom user type of User Administrator. When Rob accesses the Administration tab, he will see both the Users and Groups and the Server Groups menu options. However, if Rob has explicitly been assigned a user type, the permissions of the user type will override the permissions of the groups he belongs to.
  2. If you edit or delete a custom user type or one of their permissions, all users who have been given the custom user type will be affected by the change.
  3. If you delete a user type that has been assigned to a user, that user will have a No Access user type until you assign them a new one.


  1. Go to the Administration view of the Enterprise Console.
  2. On the User Types page, click Create.
  3. Create the user type, select their user permissions, and click Create.