Configuring your user settings

There are several settings that you can personalize for your needs.

About this task

User role: All users


  1. Click User Properties on the main menu of the Enterprise Console browser.
  2. Select a language from the User interface language list to display the application. The default language is English (United States).
  3. Configure your regional options to determine how region-specific formats related to numbers, dates, calendar settings, and sort orders are displayed.
  4. Select your local time zone. When you change your time zone setting, all dates and times appearing in the Enterprise Console are adjusted accordingly.
    Note: If you create a job in one time zone, users in other time zones will have the date and time adjusted for them. The list of time zones is the same as that provided in the Windows Date/Time control panel.
  5. Add your Email address if it has not been added for you by a Product Administrator. Clear the Email Supports HTML check box if your email software does not support HTML rendered emails. The default is HTML.
    Note: You must configure an email or you will not be able to add alerts to folder items and receive notifications on events. Your email address will also be used as the "From" address when you email exported data.
  6. Indicate a time period for issues to be considered recent. You can filter your issues by date so you can focus on issues that were recently found within a specific number of days from the current date. For example, you might decide that any issue found within the last 3 days should be considered recent and marked as such in report results.
    Note: Your Product Administrator initially sets this value for you. When you review the report results, issues that have been found within the specified number of days will be marked with an asterisk beside the issue number in the Issue column (for example, 125*).
  7. (Optional) Select a paper size to use when exporting report or issue data to PDF.
  8. (Optional) Click Alerts in the menu, and edit alerts.