Production topology example

This enterprise topology example is useful for production or medium-sized teams and multiple server deployments. In this type of installation, databases are installed on a single database server and each application is installed on a dedicated application server. You can install multiple instances of an application on separate application servers.

production environment topology diagram

Improved traffic performance for DAST scanning

As of AppScan® Enterprise version 10.4.0, scan data is now written into a local built-in database on the DAST scan server. At the end of the scan, data is transferred to the central SQL Server database which resides on the AppScan® Enterprise Server. The increase in network traffic between the scan server and the target application reduces the network bandwidth between the scan server and the database. This improves the performance of the Web UI, enables organizations to run more simultaneous scans on a single scan server, and addresses the latency concerns when the scan server is located far from the database server.

Network traffic benchmarks for AppScan® Enterprise DAST scanning

The following benchmarks are based on a dynamic analysis scan of a test website 'Altoro Mutual' ( The test scan was completed by AppScan® Enterprise 10.4.0 in 47 minutes, covered 58 pages, and included 20,914 unique security tests.

The specifications of the computer that hosted AppScan® Enterprise Sever and the SQL Server database are:
  • Windows 2019 R2 SP1
  • 4 CPU 16G RAM
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2019 R2 (SP2), 10.50.4000.0 (x64)
The specifications of the computer that hosted the DAST scanner are:
  • Windows 2019 R2 SP1
  • 2 CPU 4G RAM
Table 1. Network traffic data
Server Total bytes (GB) Bytes sent (GB) MB/second sent Bytes received (GB) MB/second received
SQL Database Server 149.41 79.80 22.70 69.61 19.80
DAST Scan Server 42.36 11.25 3.20 31.11 8.85
Web Server 239.77 155.04 44.10 84.73 24.10
Note: Since the perf lab has been recently migrated, the current Network traffic data can't be compared to AppScan® Enterprise 10.3.0. However, we have observed relatively better performance.