Importing manual explore data from AppScan® Standard

You can import data that is exported from AppScan® Standard version 7.x (and later) into AppScan® Enterprise. Importing this data can save time and reduce redundant efforts. Only the URLs (parameters and domains) and HTTP requests from the AppScan® .exd file are imported.

About this task

User role: Product administrator; Job administrator (on the folder)
Note: Manual Explore data files that are imported from AppScan Standard do not include expected responses. When you run a job that is based on this file type, AppScan Enterprise cannot compare the responses. No warning messages about expected responses are logged in the scan log. Scan results are not affected.


  1. Go to the What to Scan page of the relevant job.
  2. In the Manual Explore section of the page, click Add
  3. In the Manual Explore page, to import an AppScan® Standard explore data file, click Browse to locate the file (.exd) on your file system.
  4. Click Import. Imported URLs are appended to the existing URL list.