Copying a scan between two Enterprise Consoles

Export scan properties and creating a new scan based on those properties. This is the method you use to copy a scan between two Enterprise Console instances.

About this task

Note: The Schedule and Agent Server properties are not exported as part of the job properties.


  1. From an application, click View details, and scroll to the Scans section of the dialog. Click the Job Properties icon.
    • If the scan is a QuickScan job, click Advanced Scan Configuration > General Properties.
    • If the scan is a regular scan, go to Step 2.
  2. In the Export Properties section, click Export Properties.
  3. Click Save to save the exported XML file to your system.
  4. Go to the Folder Content Summary and click the Create icon (Create).
  5. On the Create Folder Item page, select the type of job from the list, and enter a Name and Description for the job.
  6. In the Method of Creation section, click Use settings file.
  7. To import the properties of the XML file into the newly created job, click Browse to find the XML file you just downloaded, and click Create > Done.