Authentication Mechanism

Select an Authentication Mechanism to use to log into the Enterprise Console. If you choose Windows, you must be part of a domain.

LDAP authentication

  • When you configure LDAP authentication in the configuration wizard, you can specify any user account to be the product administrator if the user exists in the LDAP server.
  • When you log in to AppScan Enterprise, don't prefix the user name with a domain name.
  • If your LDAP server supports SSL, select the Connect to LDAP server using SSL check box. Some of the LDAP configuration fields are pre-populated for you. Check that they are correct for your environment.
  • When you select an LDAP Server Type, default settings for the LDAP Server Port, User Filter, and User ID Map fields are automatically filled in for you. However, you must understand the syntax required for each field so that the connection to Liberty works successfully. Contact your LDAP administrator to get the settings for your environment, especially for filtering users.