Planning checklist

Before you install HCL® AppScan® Enterprise, review and complete all of the necessary tasks on the planning checklist.

Table 1. Planning checklist

planning checklist

Task Check when complete
Get an inventory of your existing applications and identify the networks where they exist. ?
Determine how many users will require access to AppScan Enterprise. �?
Figure out how many applications you will scan. Are they in testing or production environments? �?
Review your existing environment. �?
Check the hardware and software requirements for SQL Server database. Are you going to use the Standard or Enterprise version of SQL Server? �?
Review the hardware and software requirements of the hosting servers you need. �?
What type of authentication are you using: Windows™ or LDAP? �?
Identify the people in your organization who will help you get things done:
  • user accounts
  • licensing issues
  • setting up the SQL Server
  • LDAP administrator (if you use LDAP)
They will need to:
Find out if you already have HCL® License Server in your organization. If you do not, you can use the one that gets installed with AppScan Enterprise. �?
Determine which components of AppScan Enterprise you need to install. �?