Manual Explore

Manual Explore enables you to focus the scan on specific parts of your application.

About this task

When you record one or more Manual Explore sequences, your actions are recorded as you fill in fields and forms. This can be a way of ensuring that particular areas of the site are covered, and that AppScan has the information needed to complete forms correctly. You can also import Manual Explore data saved as an EXD, HAR, or DAST.CONFIG file, by clicking import icon.
Important: When you save Manual Explore data with a configuration, no other parts of the site will be scanned.


  1. Click Start Manual Explore or, if you have already recorded one or more Manual Explore sequences, click the plus icon to record another.

    The embedded browser opens, with the Record button selected (grayed out).

  2. Browse the site manually, completing data and clicking on links as you go.
  3. When you have finished exploring close the browser.
    For each recorded sequence (when selected), the right hand pane shows the URLs that you explored.
    Tip: You can remove unwanted steps from the sequence by selecting the specific URL and clicking the minus icon