Malware view of the Configuration dialog box is for configuring malware testing.

A test for malware consists of two modules with various configuration options. They are configured using this view. Malware test configuration does not affect regular scans.



Malware Tests

Check for links to malicious external web sites

When this check box is selected, AppScan® checks the application for unwanted external links, during the scan. An Internet connection is required.


You can create a list of regular expressions that define URLs you want to exclude from malware testing. Use the plus button to add a regular expression, and in the dialog box that opens you can click the Expression Test button, to open the Expression Test PowerTool which can help you verify the syntax of your regular expressions. If you need additional help writing regular expressions you may find the following link useful:

Additional Results

The check boxes in this section let you widen the scope of the malware alalysis. When AppScan analyzes results for links classified as "Malicious", it can also report on links classified as Unwanted and Harmless, as well as those Unclassified by ISS, that may nonetheless be problematic. Select any issue types you want included in the results.
Note: Some links of issue type "Unclassified" may in fact be malicious.
Note: Including Harmless links may increase the size of the results significantly.