Audit trail

The audit trail (Organization > Audit trail) logs user activity.

The audit trail logs date and time, user name, activity, object and additional details for actions performed by users. Administrators see activity of all users. Individual users see only their own activity.
  • Data can be filtered by category, activity, object and date.
  • The full or filtered table can be exported as a CSV or JSON file.

Audit trail entries are deleted automatically after six months.

Object Category Activity
Application Create Create application, generate application report, import application
Update Edit application, enable/disable policies, add/update baseline policy, reset application
Delete Delete application
Asset group Create Create asset group
Update Update asset group, change issues status inheritance setting
Delete Delete asset group
Correlation group Update Update status, update severity
Fix group Update Update status, update severity
Login Login Logins through the UI are logged once per minute; logins through the API are logged once per hour.
Policy Create Create custom policy
Update Edit policy, associate/disassociate with applications
Delete Delete custom policy
Role Create Create custom role
Update Edit role permissions
Delete Delete custom role
Scan Create Create scan, generate scan report
Update Edit scan
Delete Delete scan
Scan execution Create Create scan execution, generate scan execution report
Delete Delete scan execution
User Create Invite user
Update Update user role
Delete Delete user