Migrating integration of Jenkins (Legacy) to Jenkins

Migrating integration of Jenkins (Legacy) to Jenkins.

Before you begin

Back up the database, see instructions in this page.

About this task

To migrate the integrations of Jenkins (Legacy) to Jenkins, complete the following steps:


  1. From the HCL Accelerate page, click Settings > Integrations > Configured.
    A list of all configured integrations are displayed.
  2. Click overflow menu for configured Jenkins (Legacy) plug-in and then click Migrate.
    The MIGRATE JENKINS INTEGRATION window is displayed. You can view the road-map of migration process. Before you begin the migration process, ensure that you have taken the backup of database.
  3. On the MIGRATE JENKINS INTEGRATION window, click Continue.
    The Add Jenkins Integration window is displayed.
  4. On the Add Jenkins Integration window, enter the value for all required fields to create new integration of Jenkins and then click Add to add the integration details.
    The migration process starts automatically and it reaches to complete step of migration process.
  5. Click Close to close Migrate Jenkins Integration window.
    You have successfully migrated integration of Jenkins (Legacy) to Jenkins.


You can see the Jenkins integration data in HCL Accelerate.