Upgrading Unica Discover Session Archiving from a previous version

Session Archiving was introduced in release 12.1.1 and if you already have Session Archiving installed, you must upgrade it to move to version 12.1.2.

About this task

  • If Session Archiving is set-up in a single server environment, you can run the upgrade installer only once.
  • If Session Archving is set up in a distributed environment, you must run the upgrade installer on the server containing the Discover setup first and then upgrade the server containing the Session Archiving setup.

To upgrade Session Archiving, complete the following steps:


  1. Before starting the upgrade, ensure that you stop all services that related to Session Archiving. In a single-server environment, ensure that you stop all services related to Discover as well.
  2. Download the latest Discover software installer ZIP file.
  3. Extract the installer ZIP file to an appropriate location.
  4. Open the folder containing the extracted ZIP file as mentioned in Step 3.
  5. Right click the file DCSetup.exe and select Run.
    The Unica Discover Version: 12.1.2 upgrader screen appears.
  6. Perform the following steps in the Install Wizard screens:
    1. On the Welcome dialog, click Next.
      An install/reinstall confirmation dialog appears.
    2. Click Yes.
      The License Agreement dialog appears.
    3. Select I accept the terms in the license agreement and click Next.
      The Installation Info dialog appears showing the existing version number and the new version number. It also displays the components being installed.
    4. Click Next.
      The Ready to Install the Program dialog appears.
    5. Click Install.
      The installation/upgrade begins and upon successful completion, the Installation Wizard Completed dialog appears.
    6. Click Finish.
      A dialog appears indicating that you must restart the system for the changes to apply. Click Yes to restart the system or click No to restart later.