Fixed Defects

The following are the Fixed Defects in the 12.1.2 version of Unica Discover:

Table 1. Fixed Defects in 12.1.2
Issue ID Description
HMA-330153On an on-premises and a distributed environment setup, the required file systems for processing server nodes were missing causing Unica Journey integration to fail.
HMA-329999The GetSearchResults API was not sorting the results as per the sort field set in the startSearch API.
HMA-328952In Session Archiving, if you filtered sessions to exclude a particular event ID, the result was displaying the excluded event ID.
HMA-328117 For certain date settings, modifying the Change Focus Date, on Dashboard, was resulting in the page not getting loaded.
HMA-327671If you are using SendGrid integrated with SMTP API, the Send Email functionality was failing for the following features:
  • Dashboards
  • Reports
  • Alert
  • Sessions
  • Replay
  • Discover Status
HMA-326567Scorecards users could not add Scorecard report to a Dashboard.
HMA-326340If you filtered the Events list and navigated to another page and returned to the Events list page, the filtered list contained the value Filter Text instead of the value set by you, resulting in zero results.
HMA-326338When selecting to display an overlay within replay, there was an error in the "title text" of the metric options which was displayed at the top of the replay frame.
HMA-326270For the Half Doughnut report type, in Report Builder, the option to add dimensions to the chart was missing.
HMA-326041 In the Edit Filters tab, althought the IP Address field is optional, the user interface was indicating that it was mandatory.
HMA-325987An error appeared appeared when navigating to the Anomaly Detection screen.
HMA-325801 On Event Tester screen, the system was displaying a misleading error message when uploading a file of an incorrect format.
HMA-325970Trial period warning used to appear despite using a License with permanent expiru.
HMA-325144The following configuration files were getting updated after the upgrade:
  • JobListCfg.xml - by the Data Export upgrade installer.
  • DiscoverStatus.ini- by the Data Export upgrade installer.
  • DCSchedulerSvcCfg.xml - by the Discover upgrade installer.
HMA-324990In the Discover portal, there was an issue with the date format in many places.
HMA-324294 In a multi-server environment, Discover upgrader was unable to detect the existing version.
HMA-323980Mobile user agents were not being resolved correctly against the browscap file. Mobile user agents were also not being identified in the extended user agent fields in the request.
HMA-323861 In certain grids, menus and sub-menus were not translated.