Adding tables and workflow elements to a HCL Leap form

This tutorial provides information and lessons about more advanced Leap topics. Basic form design is not covered in this tutorial.


This tutorial contains the following lessons:
  • Tables – Adding tables to your form to collect data from users.
  • Stages – Adding workflow to your form, turning it into an application. The Stages section covers both basic workflow and conditional workflow.
  • Access – Adding permissions to the stages on your form, which allows specific people to access the form at different points in the workflow.

If you have no experience with Leap, complete the Building a Survey application tutorial to learn the basics of building and deploying applications in Leap. This tutorial does not cover concepts of form design, deployment, or reviewing submitted data.

Go to the Leap community on developerWorks, and import ExpenseReport.nitro_s into Leap. Use the following instructions to complete the partially complete Expense Report application.

Estimated time that is required to complete the entire tutorial: 50 - 60 minutes